About Us

Golden Summer Enterprises is a company dedicated to providing assistance to non-profits to raise funds, and to benefit the groups and individuals they serve.

We do the fundraising through the promotion of athletic events, which are open to beginner, average and elite athletes.  

Runners and Walkers are welcome

We offer a full range of services designed to manage all aspects of organizing, promoting and running a successful fundraising event.

Assistance with:

  • Determining the date of the event
  • Event permitting
  • Distance decisions and optimal course designs
  • Contracting with a timing company
  • Marketing (i.e., logo design, flyer design, etc.)
  • Promotion through on-line postings, flyer and e-mail distribution, contacting and disseminating race information to running clubs
  • On-line and direct registration set-up and operation
  • Regular reporting of event status to your organization
  • Negotiation and procurement of all required materials, giveaways, trophies, prizes, etc.
  • Determining the number of volunteers needed and coordinating roles/responsibilities

Event operation includes:

  • Expo set-up for the event (if relevant)
  • Coordination of event on race day
  • Management of late registration and same day registration
  • Ensuring coordination of timing company and registration of participants
  • Set up and marking of course
  • Ensuring proper placement of porta potties and water stops
  • Ensuring proper placement of police and fulfillment of their duties
  • Teardown of event, course and all ancillary workings after the event’s conclusion
  • Work with sponsoring organization on post-race celebration, if needed